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M Butterfly Essay Topics - Choosing The Best Topic Is Crucial

M Butterfly Essay Topics - Choosing The Best Topic Is CrucialM Butterfly essay topics are the epitome of being original and getting your point across with extraordinary content. Students are encouraged to use authentic quotes from famous and renowned writers and historical figures that relate to the area of their interest.Although, M Butterfly essay topics have a lower level of difficulty for students, but nevertheless, they are the most suitable subjects for writing thesis statements because they are an excellent platform to make a strong statement about your topics. The focus here is to find out the best technique to ensure that you write a work that impresses your audience and also meets your chosen academic standard. What this means is that you need to think about all the reasons why your thesis topic is most appropriate for you as well as to be honest with yourself as you do not want to repeat the mistakes that you did in the past.All this should be emphasized at the outset whil e you are choosing M Butterfly essay topics. You need to read the materials carefully and to familiarize yourself with them in order to be able to understand the topic more. If you cannot understand them at first, then you should seek help from the essay guide you have chosen from the teacher at your school. In fact, they may also suggest some methods of improving your writing skills if you feel that you need it.A good example would be if you are unsure about how to use statistical data to strengthen your essay and you would like to incorporate it into your thesis statement. There are several books that have guides that will help you on using certain statistical data, such as the data that came from a survey conducted by a professional organization that had some members from your country.Therefore, a good way to improve your essay writing skills is to seek guidance from a teacher, someone who has been through a similar experience with M Butterfly essay topics to which you have not, such as professor, doctor or teacher. There are some sites that will teach you how to write a thesis statement, such as by teaching you what to say and also the basic techniques. This will ensure that you are working on a topic that is specifically tailored to meet your academic needs.This may involve reading a great deal of literature to discover what it is about your topic that appeals to others, such as the story of Mary Shelley, or through reading other essays to make sure that you come up with something that you can include in your thesis statement. For instance, if you are writing a biographical essay, you may consider incorporating the word butterfly into the subject. Moreover, it may be important to bear in mind that your thesis statement can be submitted to the college or university as a work of writing, so you would want to make sure that you do everything right.M Butterfly essay topics are excellent sources of inspiration for both the student and the teacher. They are exc iting and new and you may even meet your ultimate goal by using the unique way of writing that comes out of these materials. Therefore, it is important that you find the most suitable ways of writing for your topic.

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Non-Violence Merely a Dream Essay - 1458 Words

Non- violence is wanted by many but practiced by few. It is not a feasible option, nor is it an alternative for today’s world at all. The world is not seen as a peaceful place to each unique person because of the many diverse religions, cultures, and beliefs that comprise us. Things seen in one’s eyes may be something totally different in another’s. Quoted by Gandhi himself â€Å"One man’s food could be another’s poison,† hence in some religions, terrorism is seen as the acceptable thing to do; yet in others, it may be seen as horrible and horrific (450). Although Gandhi had many great beliefs and theories, the world itself has many of its own too. Violence in today’s world is undoubtedly common, as seen on our very own college campus.†¦show more content†¦The highest most powerful man on earth, Christ, suffered and died on the cross for us. It is easy for us to look up to him and praise him for what he did, but how man y people would do the same? How many people would give their neighbor the clothes off their back or the money in their pocket? Our world today is selfish and greedy, therefore, not many would. Gandhi’s quote â€Å"It is impossible for those who consider themselves to be weak to apply this force. Only those who realize that there is something in man which is superior to the brute nature in him, and that the latter always yields to it, can effectively be passive resisters† states that it is not easy to be a passive resister (Gandhi 446). In most cases, it will be hard and suffering may be involved, which our society tries to escape. We try to escape suffering whether it is physical or mental, mild or intolerable. People’s attitudes toward suffering take into account how much it is avoidable or unavoidable, useful or useless, and deserved or undeserved. A great example of the escape of suffering would be the African Americans struggle to escape from slavery. T hese people suffered every day of their lives in an effort to escape their undeserved suffering. Although many people believed in slavery, those who did not rarely made an effort to stop it. Rabindranth Tagore criticizes Gandhi’s teaching by stating that â€Å"Passive Resistance is a force which isShow MoreRelatedWorld Peace and Nonviolence1443 Words   |  6 PagesWorld Peace and Non-violence Ganadhipati Tulsi Society consists of innumerable individuals having a common bond. That bond is mutuality. Plurality constitutes collectivity, but mere collectivity does not become society without the bond of mutuality. Without a common thread the beads would not make a rosary and it is of utmost importance to examine and evaluate the thread. We live as part of society and the unit of society is the individual. Like individuals like society and vice versa. The aboveRead MoreGun Control Vs Gun Control899 Words   |  4 PagesAmerica is a special case of male violence dictated by circumstance and society. In no other country is individualism as fetishized and reified into the national identity. The subtext of the American Dream is a story of one person pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. The measure of one’s success is calculated by the difference between the start and end points. Ultimately, the necessity of individual accomplishment undercuts cooperation and nonviolent success. Today more than ever we have theRead MoreEssay on A Comparison of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X1414 Words   |  6 PagesMalcolm was the son of a Baptist preacher.   However, Malcolm became a minister of the religion of Islam.   Malcolm X joined Elijah Muhammad and created a movement that focused around the word powe r, not love and virtue. â€Å"Psychologically they argued that violence was a healthy way to release the pain of oppression and that to love people who hate you is unnatural†(Walton 90).      Like Martin, Malcolm spent many years preparing for his vocation as a minister and public speaker, but unlike Martin, whoRead MoreCompare IVe Been To The Mountaintop And Martin Luther King Speech1281 Words   |  6 Pageswomen merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts†. During the Civil Rights movement, unity was an essential theme to fighting racism; and was equivocally important, during the period, when Shakespeare was living. However, throughout King’s speeches, he utilizes rhetorical devices to convince the American people into joining his non-violent fight against racism and illustrating that unity is the solution to embodying the American Dream and instillingRead MoreHow Is the Concept of ‘Into the World’ Conveyed in the Film Billy Elliot?1205 Words   |  5 Pagesindividually. These personal experiences may result in growth, change or other consequences. There are a variety of pathways and el ements which enables for the transition of an individual into a new world. An individual’s determination to pursue a dream can inspire them to challenge society’s expectations as they transition into a new world. However, there are barriers which often disallow an individual to achieve this movement into their desired world. The concept of ‘into the world is evident inRead MoreIndependence Day1218 Words   |  5 Pagesdecided to end British rule of India, and in early 1947 Britain announced its intention of transferring power no later than June 1948. As independence approached, the violence between Hindus and Muslims in the provinces of Punjab and Bengal continued unabated. With the British army unprepared for the potential for increased violence, the new viceroy,  Louis Mountbatten, advanced the date for the transfer of power, allowing less than six months for a mutually agreed plan for independence. In June 1947Read MoreDr. Martin Luther King1246 Words   |  5 PagesWhatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. on the violent direct action, the process of challenging societal wrongs via protest marches, boycotts, and sit-ins, among other strategies, without the use of violence, he could bring an initially reluctant America closer to the dream of true equality for all races. Christian leaders and all members of society had a moral obligation to rise above the limitations of man-made laws steeped in hatred. King s idea of solving violent was acting inRead MoreInternational Responses Of The Apartheid1195 Words   |  5 Pagesleadership of the African National Congress, Coloured People’s Congress and the Indian Congress which were all against the apartheid laws. They participated in an important international tradition of the use of non-violence civil disobedience, sit-ins, passive resistance campaigns and other non-violent protests that were implemented in the United States civil rights movement. To a greater extent this contributed to the international community to end apartheid through international campaigns. In theRead More Martin Luther King’s Ethic of Love 1144 Words   |  5 Pageshis Christian beliefs and the teachings of the leader Gandhi. Gandhi had practiced non-violent resistance was the only option to getting rid of the oppression Indians had to face and was able to influence King to do the same. People like the Nationalists, Segregationists, and the privileged were, of course, against this movement. However, the ethic of love substantiated to be a great tool of integrationism and non-violent resistance that permitted the oppressed to have understanding and acceptanceRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr.1555 Words   |  7 PagesRights Movement. He fought against racial inequality through nonviolent resistance. Many Americans of all races admired Martin Luther King as a symbol of leadership and what real movements look like. The Black Lives Matter movement started after the non-guilty verdict of the killing of Trayvon Martin. It campaigns against police brutality, calling for racial justice and pushing for the progress of our civil rights in the 21st century. Since this era is much more technologically advanced then back

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Taxicab Classification Essay - 876 Words

Our analysis is based on a sample size of fifteen jurisdictions. These cities were chosen on the basis of geographic diversity and relevance: three major cities from the Northeast, three cities from the Midwest, three cities from the South, and six cities from the West. Overall, these jurisdictions exhibit a broad range of approaches to entry management and a variety of regulatory systems. Most of these cities do not institute taxicab caps; in the sample, only six out of fifteen cities have caps. Analysis of Accepted Practices Findings – Types of Caps Standards for Setting and Modifying Caps Each sampled jurisdiction has its own process of determining the number of taxi permits in a closed market. In most cases, the number of†¦show more content†¦To address these proposed actions, state agencies prepare an environmental impact statement that outlines all potential environmental consequences of the proposed actions, potential alternatives, unavoidable environmental effects, and the steps to be taken by state agencies to mitigate the consequences. In order for additional taxi permits to be issued in a city, the impacts on socioeconomic conditions, transportation, public health, neighborhood character, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions would be assessed comprehensively. Transportation-related variables including impact on traffic, parking, pedestrians or bicycles, and transit facilities would be examined as well. Example: New York City. 3. Public Convenience Necessity (â€Å"PCN†) In order to operate a taxicab in certain jurisdictions, a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (â€Å"CPCN†) is required. To apply for the certificate, a new entrant must first prove that he/she is qualified by demonstrating his/her ability to provide a continuous taxicab service, lack of criminal record, etc. Once qualified, the applicant must attend a Public Convenience and Necessity (â€Å"PCN†) hearing to make a case that there is a need for additional service. The burden of proof falls on the applicant. During the hearing, stakeholders such as existing service providers are allowed to intervene, and this may create a significant obstacle for the applicant. Examples: Chicago, Las Vegas and New Orleans. 4.Show MoreRelatedFeminine Mystique12173 Words   |  49 PagesSupplemental Reading for US History 2 From Rosie to Lucy Questions students must answer in a 500-word (minimum) essay: 1) Describe the post-WWII frustrations felt by women such as Betty Friedan. 2) During the era of â€Å"Rosie the Riveter†, what gains did women make in the workforce? How did these women feel about themselves and their contributions? What did society as a whole think? 3) What role did mass media play during the 1950s and 1960s in regard to supporting or undermining theRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesMultitasking Step 2: Establishing Project Priorities 106 Step 3: Creating the Work Breakdown Structure 108 Major Groupings Found in a WBS 108 How WBS Helps the Project Manager 109 WBS Development 109 34 A Portfolio Management System Classification of the Project Financial Criteria 37 Nonfinancial Criteria 39 36 36 Applying a Selection Model 42 Sources and Solicitation of Project Proposals 43 Ranking Proposals and Selection of Projects 44 Step 4: Integrating the WBS with the OrganizationRead MoreStrategy Safari by Mintzberg71628 Words   |  287 Pagesaccessories or guidance systems, why could they not have defined their business as flagellation? (quoted in Normann, 1977:34). Why should a few clever words on a piece of paper enable a railroad company to fly airplanes, or for that matter, run taxicabs? Levitt wrote that once it genuinely thinks of its business as taking care of people s transportation needs, nothing can stop it from creating its own extravagantly profitable growth (1960:53, italics added). Nothing except the limitations ofRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pageshazards should prevent the launch of the first shuttle as long as the aggregate risk remained acceptable. NASA used a rather simplistic Safety (Risk) Classification System. A quantitative method for risk assessment was not in place at NASA because gathering 9 ~ page 50. ~ ~ , 416 THE SPACE SHUTTLE CHALLENGER DISASTER Exhibit l: Risk classification system l Lewl Criticality Criticality Criticality Criticality Description 1 (Cl) 2 (C2) 3 (C3) 1R (ClR) Loss of life and/or vehicle if the

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Biography Of Martin Luther King Jr. - 909 Words

65 Years: Then and Now Society changed 65 years ago to make the world a better place. Martin Luther King Jr. gave an amazing speech on racism and how all society should be treated equal. Know in days, it’s not the same as before. We tend to see a lot of racism whether it’s through TV, articles, or what have now which is social media. Many people have changed their view on equal society and people don’t seem to care what a man with courage once fought for and changed. One of the ways equal society has changed is through TV. With presidential elections going on right now, we see Donald Trump as an example. â€Å"Blacks, and to a lesser extent Hispanics, suffer much higher rates of robbery and homicide victimization than do whites†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Huffingpost 1). Donald Trump has come on talking about how all illegal immigrants coming from Mà ©xico are all criminals and drug dealers. He wants to deport all immigrants back to their countries because he assumes they are bad people. He also wants to build a wall in border of California and Mexico to keep the immigrant away. This is a form of racism because he just assumes people are bad without getting to know their true intentions of coming to the US. He claims all Islamic people are bad people and also wants them deported back to Islam because they are very dangerous people. He asserts that all black people in fact are lazy and are as well criminals. Donald Trump is quickly to judge people and he should think about his ancestry because even he isShow MoreRelatedBiography of Martin Luther King, Jr745 Words   |  3 PagesMartin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968) was born on in his mothers parents large house on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the second child, and was first named Michael, after his father. Both changed their names to Martin when the boy was still young. King JR was born into a financially secure family middle class with that, They received better education in respect to mos t people of their race. King Jr, noticed this and this influenced him to live a life of social protestRead MoreA Short Biography of Martin Luther King Jr.1479 Words   |  6 Pagesspeeches ever delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. He helped to pave the way for civil right in America. His actions inspired a courageous movement that lives on, even today. Alberta Williams and Martin Luther King, Sr., are the parents of Martin Luther King, Jr.; he was born on the 15th of January in 1929, in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.King was the great-grandson, grandson, and son of Baptist ministers, which was why he also became a Baptist minister. At a young age, King became aware of the unequalRead MoreEssay about Biography of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.4067 Words   |  17 PagesBiography of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Jan. 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968 Nationality: American Occupation: civil rights leader Occupation: minister (religion) Michael King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in the Atlanta home of his maternal grandfather, Adam Daniel Williams (1863 — 1931). He was the second child and the first son of Michael King Sr. (1897 — 1984) and Alberta Christine Williams King (1903 — 1974). Michael Jr. had an older sister, Willie Christine (b. 1927), and a youngerRead MoreA Biography of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay1366 Words   |  6 PagesA Biography of Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dreamà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ are the famous words stated by Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28th, 1963 in civil rights movement speech (King). Although King expressed his feelings on that summer day in 1963, his ideas directly reflect his life previous to the speech and have a huge impact on many people even today. Throughout his life, King devoted so much time to the civil rightsRead MoreBiography Of Martin Luther King Jr.893 Words   |  4 Pagesmy dream to impact those around me in a positive manner. Many inspiring leaders have influenced and changed the atmosphere of their communities, families, and friends by their words and by their examples. From the motivational speeches of Martin Luther King Jr., to the chance remark of a friend, words can become seeds planted or pivotal moments changing the very course of our lives. Honorable words soothe and bring grace; harmful ones can create prisoners of self doubt and hamper the growthRead MoreBiography Of Martin Luther King Jr.2232 Words   |  9 PagesMartin Luther King Jr. once highlighted an important historical reality that is the basis for what justifies freedom fighting: â€Å"Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.† This idea is the foundation for Neill Blomkamp’s allegorical film, Elysium, in which two very unequal societies exist: an oppressed people that reside on the deficient, poverty-stricken Earth and the oppressors that reside in a paradisiacal, luxurious space station orbiting the EarthRead MoreBiography Of Martin Luther King Jr.2204 Words   |  9 Pagesto set things right, they decided to do otherwise; it was through the works of Martin Luther King Jr., that made history and shaped parts of the African American community. Not giving in to the oppression and constant t hreats change soon took place. King influenced many to take that step and fight for their rights, for at the end of the day they were all human. Made up of the same components and by the same God. King shared his dreams and goals for the African American community through the worksRead MoreInspirational People: Biography of Dr Martin Luther King Jr661 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is often viewed as a symbol of value that the society need to embrace as he led an honest and just life. He inspired individuals by his sermons, speeches and marches to lead a truthful life. This is because he followed his heart to achieve his dream of making the world a better place regardless of ones race. He went to a local public school that was segregated with a keen dedication to learning and achieve his best. He attended Morehouse collegeRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr. and Susan B. Anthony’s Effects on The Brunswick Community1035 Words   |  5 Pagesways that affects everyone today. Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King Jr. are both amazing leaders of the suffrage and civil rights movements. Anthony with Women’s rights, and King with African American’s rights took Civil Rights as a whole a few great leaps forward; brought forth an era where the Civil Rights Movement is something almost everyone believes in, that equal rights should be something everyone has. In these great leaps forward, King and Anthony have used their influential abilities toRead MoreMartin Luther King Jr.867 Words   |  4 Pagespeople, one of them is Martin Luther King Jr. He made the world a better place for black citizens by doing non-violence movements and marched the way to freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta Georgia as Michael King Jr., but changed his name to Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of Protestant Martin Luther. Through his activism, King played a pivotal role in ending the legal discrimination of African American citizens. During his childhood, Martin Jr.’s father strongly

Why Sustainability Is An Essential Part Within The...

Despite the lack of understanding about sustainability in our modern society this concept has been adopted by many organizations around the world for centuries and it has significant meanings in the operation of the business world. The idea is to run a business in a way that guarantees the future security of the planet as well as the business by managing its monetary, environment and social frameworks effectively. Hence, the main goal of sustainable business is to continuously strive to have a positive social effect, a minimizing natural effect while maximize the financial bottom line and It could also be said that the business must focus on the long-term impact of these three dimensional areas of the triple bottom line planet, people and†¦show more content†¦This development in interest in sustainability in business practices and its growing awareness creates a both side happy for business and humanity. (Hopwood, Mellor, O Brien, 2005). Traditionally, most businesses had s trong focus on factors that are directly effecting their economic performance. This was often examined by their overheads such as material costs, amount of sale and profit margin, which most Businesses did not consider the long term impacts. In fact, it is some sense true for short term aspect, however in contemporary society, companies play a vital role and should approach as it is also their responsibility to contribute to society and the environment also referred to as a planet, people and profit the triple bottom line. (Elkington 1997) and at the end every single investment business contributed will return in value to the business. (Kuehn, K. 2014). The Economic impact is not solely internally about local wage, jobs opportunities, investment in the economy but also looks at externally at suppliers to ensure they are involved in company’s similar practices and value. This will eventually lead to a healthier future for business while boosting its economy and local economy likewise economic component is the driver behind a company’s activity aimed at supporting business sustainability. (Svensson, Gà ¶ran; Wagner,

Singapore Favorite Breakfast

Question: Discuss about the Singapore Favorite Breakfast. Answer: Introduction The first meal we normally take at the beginning of a day is called breakfast (Marlis, 2016). Breakfast increases the energy level of our body (Toh, 2016). According to many breakfast dishes in Singapore, one of them is named The Kaya Toast which is a combination of soft-boiled egg and kopi set (Wen, 2015). It is one of the favorite dishes of people living in Singapore (Hoh, 2015). Origin The Kaya toast, soft-boiled egg and kopi set is originated from the Hainanese and at present, it is Singapores favorite breakfast dish and due to its popularity, it is almost found in all parts of Singapore ("10 Kaya Toasts You Mustnt Miss If Youre Born-And-Bread In Singapore", 2017). Kaya Toast The cup is filled with a kopi, style of hawker style ("THE 5 BEST KAYA TOAST IN SINGAPORE", 2016). Singapore mentions this breakfast dish as their national item. Killiney Kopitiam, as well as Ya Kun Kaya Toast, are very popular throughout the world ("The art of kaya: coconut jam is serious business in Singapore", 2017). The coffee beans are roasted by them to make their own Kaya at Tong Ah Eating House ("Best Kaya Toast in Chinatown", 2013). The egg is precisely cooked that the egg yolk seems to be runny and creamy and the white part looks velvety which comes out ("Kaya toast lowers Singapores productivity", 2011). The price of two pieces toast is $3.50 which looks crispy, better thickness and done in French in well done perfect structure (Mei, 2017). Overall Kaya spread is the loveliest part of this dish due to its great eggy flavor that does not seem to be sweet but it has a texture of rough custard (Sacks, 2017). The Kaya is blended to melt with butter which ultimately becomes the pudding of bread ("Best Kaya Toast in Chinatown", 2013). Conclusion It is one of their favorite dishes due to its cheap rate and good looks and also easy to prepare for the restaurant owners ("Map of Ya Kun Kaya Toast", 2017). References 10 Kaya Toasts You Mustnt Miss If Youre Born-And-Bread In Singapore. (2017).Sethlui. Retrieved 5 April 2017, from https://sethlui.com/best-kaya-toasts-singapore/ Best Kaya Toast in Chinatown. (2013).Katrina Alana. Retrieved from https://www.katrinaalana.com/blog/2013/10/best-kaya-toast-singapore/ Hoh, W. (2015). From kaya toast to rolling in dough.The Straits Time. Retrieved from https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/from-kaya-toast-to-rolling-in-dough Kaya toast lowers Singapores productivity. (2011). Yawning Bread. Retrieved from https://yawningbread.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/kaya-toast-lowers-singapores-productivity-part-1/ Map of Ya Kun Kaya Toast. (2017). Trip Advisor. Retrieved from https://www.tripadvisor.in/LocalMaps-g294265-d1130463-Ya_Kun_Kaya_Toast-Area.html Marlis, T. (2016). 10 Kaya Toasts Worth Waking Up Early For Even On Weekends. Eatbook. Retrieved from https://eatbook.sg/kaya-toast-guide/ Mei, Y. (2017). Singapore Food Series: Kaya Toast. Visitors Singapore. Retrieved from https://www.visitors.sg/food/singapore-food-series-kaya-toast Sacks, K. (2017). Kaya Toast: The Story of One of Malaysias Best Breakfasts. Epicurious. Retrieved from https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/kaya-toast-recipe-breakfast-coconut-pandan-eggs-malaysia-singapore-article THE 5 Best kaya Toast in Singapore. (2016). The Best Singapore. Retrieved from https://www.thebestsingapore.com/eat-and-drink/the-best-5-kaya-toast-in-singapore/ The art of kaya: coconut jam is serious business in Singapore. (2017). SBS. Retrieved from https://www.sbs.com.au/food/article/2017/01/20/art-kaya-coconut-jam-serious-business-singapore Toh, M. (2016). 8 Awesome Breakfast Spots for Traditional Kopi Kaya Toast. Retrieved from https://www.misstamchiak.com/traditional-kopi-kaya-toast/ Wen, P. (2015). Kaya Toast Fit for Royalty. Open Rice. Retrieved from https://sg.openrice.com/en/singapore/article/kaya-toast-fit-for-royalty-a1153

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Bcg Matrix for Nestle Bangladesh Limited Sbus free essay sample

Thus it gives an opportunity of self-assessment to the organization to reassess its product positioning and thus come out with alternative solution if the original placement of the products in the market does not meet the desired level of growth. OBJECTIVES The objectives of the present study are, ? To place the various brands of Nestle Bangladesh Limited in the matrix as suggested by the Boston Consultancy Group, as based upon the data empirically collected. ? To analyze the brands so placed and critically compare their placement. SCOPEThis study aims to study the products offered by Nestle in Bangladesh by placing them on the BCG matrix. The placement of the products on the matrix shall be on the basis of the empirical data collection which place Nestle products for sale. Nestle the worlds largest food ; beverages company in terms of sales as well as product range and geographical presence. Nestle covers nearly every field of nutrition: infant formula, milk products, chocolate and confectionery, instant coffee, ice cream, culinary products, frozen ready-made meals, mineral water etc. We will write a custom essay sample on Bcg Matrix for Nestle Bangladesh Limited Sbus or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Nestle Bangladesh Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestle S. A. , started its commercial production in 1994 and currently employs 400 people directly in the company and another 1000 people indirectly in the industry. Today Nestle Bangladesh Limited is strongly positioned to grow through its policy of constant innovation and renovation, concentrating on its core competencies and commitment to high quality, with the aim of providing the best quality food to the people of Bangladesh. Riding on the growth of its power brands, Nestle has extended its dominance in food business in Bangladesh as well.However, a number of its brands require a repositioning. Nestle Bangladeshs vision is to be recognized as the most successful food and drink Company in Bangladesh, generating sustainable, profitable growth and continuously improving results to the benefit of shareholders and employees Designed to develop business strategy in 1960 by Bruce Henderson, president of the Boston Consulting Group, BCG Matrix places products according to market share and market growth rate in the four-celled matrix.Henderson noted that companies that dominated their markets tended to be more profitable and businesses that were in this category were termed â€Å"cash cows. † It followed logically that if companies could dominate a growing market, they would have both growing profits an assured future. Companies that were in this category of the four-celled quadrant were classified as â€Å"stars†. Obviously, strategists should allocate resources to these businesses to enable them to capture and retain shares of a market with a high growth rate. Figur e: The Boston Consulting Group’s Growth-Share Matrix ) Stars (high growth, high market share) Stars represent business with high market share position and usually represent the best profit and growth opportunities in the organization’s portfolio. These are the businesses that the organization needs to nurture and groom for the long run. These products require capital over and above their cash flow to maintain their market share. Nevertheless, there may be some products within this category of stars, which are self-sustaining and thus require investment apart from their cash flows. 2) Cash Cows (low growth, high market share)Cash Cows represent a high market share in a low growth market. These tend to yield substantial cash surplus over and above their investment requirements. Now cash cows are not very attractive for long term investment but they are needed for generating cash to meet the organizational requirements. There is a further classification in them as strong or weak cash cows. Strong cash cows are those who were stars in the near past and generate substantial amount of cash surplus while weak cash cows are those who might have been stars in remote past and whose cash generation capacity is not high. Such weak cash cows should be considered for divestment. 3) Question Marks (high growth, low market share) Question Marks are those types of businesses, which are characterized by the low market share in a growing market. These products are questionable as to whether profit potential associated with growth can realistically be captured. These question marks have two alternatives (i) either to grow them into stars if additional investment can bring them into such position or (ii) to divest them, if costs of strengthening them are quite high as compared to returns. ) Dogs (low growth, low market share) Dogs represent those businesses, which have a low market share in low growth market. These businesses have a very low competitive position and have very low profit potential as the market itself has a low growth potential. Therefore, they are not attractive from a long-term point of view. These businesses may be harvested or liquidated, as they do no generate enough cash to maintain their position in the market, especially because of the highly competitive market.